acu-grind is manufacturers and distributors of reconditioning Cutting Tools and cutting tool Services in Bradenton Florida. we provide the highest quality of medical, surgical, resharpening, and specialty cutting tools and craftsmanship within the grinding industry.reconditioning of Cutting Tools


Why Buy New Cutting Tools? Recondition and Save approximately 60% off the cost of new cutting tools, with our unique service!! Almost all tools are candidates for CNC reconditioning and modifications, as shown in the list of tools below.


Acu-Grind Tool Works Inc. offers you a hassle free service with this comprehensive methodical way of reconditioning and modifying. Convenient to every customer in the continental US we encourage you to send us your batch of cutting tools and receive a 10% Off the First Invoice!!! Satisfaction Guaranteed


Cutting tools recoated on request
TiN/TiCN/CrN/CrC/TiALN & many others!!

How our service works? Simple ship tools to us by your method of choice. We sort tools by individual description and characteristic. Then we clean, evaluate and prepare a competitive quotation prior to grinding. Next, preparation of damaged tools are faced or cut off with a high pressurized coolant, this special machinery prevents heating and annealing of the cutting tool. Now precision 5-axis state-of-the-art CNC machinery reconditions or modifies your cutter(s).




Standard 1-12 flutes
Tapered tools
Cress cut/ wave cut
Ball nose
Ball nose with taper
Double ends
Hog or Rougher
Large shank mills
Shell mills
End mills with margins
Z-carbs /TuffCutt XR/Varimill
Variable Helixes
LH/RC direction
RH/LC direction


Standard/ conventional
118stanard or split
135 split
120 4 facet or conical
118 helical
90 points or spot drills
4 facet
Coolant hole /Radius split
Hertel drills
Gurhing/ OSG
Taper shank drills
Large shank drills
Spade drills


Key cutters
Boring bars
Step drills
Form tools
Corner rounds
Counter Bores
Side mill cutters
Counter sinks
Concave & Convex forms
Step tools of any sort
Modification’s of any sort
Slitting saws
Circuit board cutters

Reconditioning and modifying cutting tools



Inspection the most important and crucial part of our process, which overlooking accuracy and tolerance is never taken for granted or assumed for quality. With a sophisticated 3-axis CNC assures integrity in every cutting tool we grind. Equipped with thermo-infrared and video imaging of 35-50 POM this technology will inspect the following areas…

  • Diameters
  • Angles
  • Finishes/Resolutions
  • Concentricity/Uniformity
  • Geometry to Specific Alloy
  • End Geometry
  • Radius Sizes
  • Web Thickness
  • End Dish
  • Tangency of Rad/Ball to OD
  • Land Widths
  • Hook/Rake Angle
  • Front/Back Taper on LOC
  • Chips at Cutting Edges
  • Relief for Proper Clearance

Last phase of our process, packaging and handling of qualified cutting tools are covered with a low heat easy peal off protective plastic coating. By covering your qualified tool(s) eliminates any chance of damaging the cutting edges during shipping back to your facility.



Buy Your Cutting Tools from the company that Customizes!


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Acu-Grind Custom Cutting Tools provides the highest quality of medical, resharpening, specialty cutting tools and craftsmanship within the grinding industry.

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