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Acu-Grind encourages personalized relationships with our customers, based on your company’s usage, whether it is a weekly, monthly or annual reoccurrence. We have created our ”Just in Time” service for all your reoccurring cutting tool needs. Use “Our Shelf as Your Shelf” to increase your bottom line month after month. We listen to our customers on what they want out of Acu-Grind. If there’s a certain way you want to build a cutting tool or another way to establish a relationship that’s more suitable for your company, we are very open minded to implement any valuable relationship. Acu-Grind looks forward to meeting your cutting tool demands and developing a lasting business relationship.
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L1 - Cutting Length
D2 - Shank Diameter
L2 - Overall Length

Cutting Edge Tolerance: +.000-.002
Shank Tolerance: H6


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